Zong Balance Check Code | Check Remaining MBS, Minutes & SMS

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It’s very easy to check Zong remaining balance by Zong balance check code which is free.You can also check Zong balance by My Zong app which is available on play store.Zong is Pakistan’s No.1 telecom operators also awarded by PTA.Their calling and internet service is best than all other networks in Pakistan.I’m personally using Zong 4g Internet Service.As per my experience, this is the best internet service provider in Pakistan.Their rates are low but network coverage and speed are incredible.

Many of you don’t know about Zong balance checking method that’s why you are here.But now, No need to worry I’ll explain all possible methods to check Zong balance.

Methods to check Zong balance

1.Zong Balance Check Code

2.My Zong App

3.Zong E-care (Web portal)

As per my research, h there is only three methods to check Zong balance.By these methods, you can easily check your Zong remaining

1.Zong Balance

2.Internet Mb

3.Free Sms

4.Free minutes

Zong Balance Check Code (charges may apply):

All Zong prepaid customer can check their remaining balance by dialling the code given below.This Zong balance check code will work on all mobiles whether You’re using an Android mobile or Keypad.All you have to do is just dial the given code in Dialler pad and hit the call button.Zong will receive your balance check request.You will be able to see your Zong remaining balance in few seconds.

BalanceMinor Company Charges*222#
  • All Zong Prepaid customers can use this option irrespective of what package or tariff they are on.
  • The prices are excluding all taxes. Standard taxes would be charged on each transaction.
  • Codes can be changed
  • Company’s Terms and Conditions apply and can be read on the company’s website.
  • How to check remaining MBS in Zong

With above Zong balance check code, you can check only Zong remaining balance.But if you have activated Internet offer of Zong and need to check your remaining MBS in Zong sim.So, Here is another guide on how to check remaining MBS in Zong.As you know Zong is the fastest and cheapest Internet service provider in Pakistan.Many of you subscribed to Zong internet bundles from their Zong Internet, MBB or Prepaid sim.But most of you don’t know how to check remaining MBS in Zong sim.But now no need worry.I’ll guide you to check your remaining MBS in Zong sim.

  1. Open dialer pad on your phone
  2. Dial *102# and hit call button
  3. select option 4

You will receive details of remaining MBS of all subscribed offers via SMS in few seconds.You can also check remaining MBS in Zong sim by My Zong app and Zong E-Care web portal which is described below.With this code, you can also check the detail of free SMS and free minutes.

Check Balance using My Zong App (Free):

You can easily check your Zong remaining balance by using My Zong app which can be installed easily on an Android device.You can install this app from play store or download from any website.I’ll recommend you to install from play store as it’s too easy and safe.You can install it without facing ads problem or download speed issue.Once you installed this app then

  1. open app
  2. select language
  3. enter your number
  4. enter the activation code

All done.You have signed up for My Zong app.Now with this app, you can easily check your remaining balance in account information section.Also, you will see all offers which you have subscribed.Their usage detail can be checked in next section of “usage detail”.This app has many more advantages like if you want to subscribe any call SMS or internet offer you can activate it by just one click.

Check Balance By Zong E-care:

Zong E-Care is also an option to check your Zong remaining balance and details of your remaining free SMS, free minutes and MBS.It has all the system same as My Zong app.In fact, My Zong app is based on this website or you can say My Zong app is the Android version of Zong E-Care.For checking your Zong remaining balance by Zong E-Care just follow my steps.

  1. Go to ecare.zong.com.pk
  2. Enter your number & solve captcha
  3. Enter confirmation code

Now you can see your balance on the right sidebar.Also, you can check your activated offers.You can activate any of Zong offers easily within one click if you have enough balance in your account.

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