How To Check Zong Number With Free Code 2018

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Have you forgotten your Zong sim number?if yes then no need to worry I’ll guide you how to Check Zong Number with a free code.It’s really simple and easy method.Everyone who forgot his/her Zong number can easily find their number.So, keep reading and if it helps you then must give your feedback in comments.

How To Check Zong Number

Sometimes when we have multiple sims, We forgot their numbers.And we need to give our number to someone or to use it for loading credit in it.In the case when there is no balance in the sim, You can’t find sim number.But if you have balance in it then you can easily check its number by calling on your another number.This happens to me yesterday when I need to load balance in my old Zong sim.

So, I thought that their will be hundreds of my friends like me who forgot their Zong number like me :P, I should share a guide on how to check Zong number without balance.In the case which I explained above, All companies have specific shortcodes by which their users can check their sim number.Zong is also providing this service.The service provided by Zong is actually a shortcode.

Method to check Zong Number

  1. write *100#
    press the call button on your mobile
    select a free message & send it to a number

There is also another way to find your Zong number if you want then use it but above method to check Zong number is easy and will work on all mobiles.

Write *8# and press the call button.
Remember 1 thing, Maybe these codes different in different areas so please try with different codes (for example *9#,*7#6,*1#,*8#,*5#,*4#,*3#,*2#,*0#).

Final Words:

First of all, I’ll suggest, You should save your Zong number on your mobile phone or sim.It will help you in the emergency situation.But now as I have told the method to check Zong number you will never face such issue as you face today.I hope this guide on how to check Zong number with free code helped you a lot.So must give your feedback in the below comment section.

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