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As you know Google AdSense is the first choice for every publisher. It’s because AdSense Pays well then other advertising networks. It’s not difficult to approve AdSense account for your website. If your website complies Google AdSense policies, then you can get AdSense account without any difficulty. Many newbies find it difficult to approve AdSense account but no need to worry. I’m here with an ultimate AdSense approval guide. I’m going to show you how to approve AdSense fast in 2018.I will explain the full method to approve AdSense as I do.

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When I applied first time for AdSense, I got approval with just 4-5 posts. And I applied for this site “”. Almost all bloggers have their own method to get their AdSense account approved. I will share my own experience.

If you are the newbie, then I advise you to focus on publishing & promoting quality content. You should not think to display advertisement on your blog for making $$. You should apply for AdSense after 2-3 months of starting your blog. In first two months just publish and promote. Optimize site for search engines and enhance user experience. When you start getting minimum 200-300 visitors per day from a search engine then don’t wait and apply for AdSense.

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Note: It’s not necessary at all to do so, It’s just my point of view as a newbie. You can apply for AdSense while you’re not getting traffic.

AdSense Approval Method 2018:


First of all, your domain tld should be a top level like. Com. Org.Net. You can also use other tld but these are recommended. Don’t try with a free domain like .tk .cf You can easily buy the .com domain in just $1 from GoDaddy or any other registrar. The domain should be the minimum 1-2-month-old at time of applying for AdSense.

“Old Is Gold”

2.Site Design

Many people or newbies take it seriously and try to make their site to look colourful or beautiful. It makes their site irresponsive or slows down the speed. Your site’s theme or template should be simple and easy to navigate and mobile friendly. Also, the speed of your site should be good. It also plays an important role in SEO and you can say it a ranking factor.


When it comes to publishing content, it becomes a headache for newbies as many of them can’t write well like me: P and they try to use spun content or copy other’s articles. You should not make this mistake. Try to write yourself. Each article should be minimum 400-500 words. Your article should be free of grammar mistakes. Use catchy images and other media to make your content look beautiful.

4.Important Pages

Some pages like contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer etc. are very important. Make sure to publish these pages and add these pages to header or footer menu. Google will not approve your AdSense account unless you add these pages to your website. You can generate these pages online or if your site is at WordPress then you can do it with a plugin.

Watch the video if you want to create these pages automatically.

5.Site Nich

Site nich is really important to get approved for AdSense. Before applying for AdSense you should read their policies. As Google AdSense doesn’t approve sites based on copyright material like crack softwares or movies site etc. So,Chose your nich carefully before applying for AdSense.

Final Words:

If you implement all these techniques before applying for AdSense then your AdSense will be approved easily within few days.If Google rejects your application then you should make changes to your site as they say in their response mail.

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